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As promised here are a few screen shots from the Type That We Like project.

Home Page:

a - All posts are fed into a multi column masonry style page, its a responsive layout so you it will adjust the amount of columns depending on your screen size.

b - The site is not just image based, you can also post videos, links and quotes.

c - This red corner button is the gateway to many many things.

d - Order all posts by, most viewed, most liked and most recent.

e - Choose a category to view more featured posts like designer interviews, font directory and other goodies were not going to tell you about just yet.

f - Trending tags. There is also a search box at the bottom of the sidebar.

Brick - A more detailed look into the posts on the front page: 

a - A little tab letting you know which category the post belongs to.

b - Supports multiple image uploads.

c - There will always be a direct source link.

d - All the posts information, how many comments it has, how many views and likes.

Post Page

a - Larger image slideshow.

b - All the post information.

c - A link to the author profile page.

d - Next post button.

e - A cheeky unobtrusive advert!

f - comments below.

Author Page

a - Authors username.

b - Authors personal blog, portfolio or website.

c - Avatar. This will also appear in the comments.

d - Short bio section

e - all of the authors latest posts.

What do you all think so far?

Confused? Get informed here.

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