Type That I Like

Good idea?

I’m thinking about creating an ffffounddesignspiration style website purely for high brow typography.

Ran by the users, a kind of huge typographic democracy. A mass of high quality typographic inspiration.

Would you be interested in that, or are there too many sites like it already?


So lets say that I’m going to do this.

What features would you like to see on the site?

  • Free/Cheap High quality font directory
  • Invite only system to ensure high quality content
  • A decent search function
  • Weekly round ups
  • Designer interviews
  • Have the designers list there favourite fonts
  • Various post formats, videos, images, links etc. Rather than just images.
  • Ability to see posts by categories. Ex. Signage, Hand Lettering..
  • Fortnightly/monthly design challenges that stick to certain rules ie specific colours/fonts

Suggest a feature you want and I will add it to the list. Suggest a feature you don’t want and I’ll add it to the list.

Another Update:

It would be called Type That We Like, obviously.

Another another update:

I am so pumped about this, I cant sleep at night because of it, thats sad I know.

So far its shaping up to be rather epic. Needless to say the site looks beautiful. (I’ll post some images of the site in the next update.)

In its basic form there are two sides to it:

1- Serious posts like designer interviews, font directory etc, will be posted by a small team that I’m currently putting together maybe once a week.

2- Approved users can post either images, videos, links, etc as often as they like.

Then its all wrapped up in a system so you can order posts by, most recent, most liked, most comment or whatever.

In a couple of weeks we will start taking and giving out invitations, just round 50, so we can iron out any issues with the site and populate it with content.

Then we will start approving user request depending on what they told us about themselves in the request.

Another another another update:

We’re starting to work on content for the designer interviews and font directory for the site.

Do you design type faces? Are you a type foundry? Let us know about it and we may add it to the font directory.

Who are your favourite designers? Let us know and we will do our best to contact them and get them involved with the project. We are planning something a little different for this. Anybody can ask and reply to boring questions, so were trying to do something a little more interesting.

Let us know below or just message us.

Screen Shot Update:

As promised here are a few screen shots from the project.

Home Page:

a - All posts are fed into a multi column masonry style page, its a responsive layout so you it will adjust the amount of columns depending on your screen size.

b - The site is not just image based, you can also post videos, links and quotes.

c - This red corner button is the gateway to many many things.

d - Order all posts by, most viewed, most liked and most recent.

e - Choose a category to view more featured posts like designer interviews, font directory and other goodies were not going to tell you about just yet.

f - Trending tags. There is also a search box at the bottom of the sidebar.

Brick - A more detailed look into the posts on the front page: 

a - A little tab letting you know which category the post belongs to.

b - Supports multiple image uploads.

c - There wil always be a direct source link.

d - All the posts information, how many comments it has, how many views and likes.

Post Page

a - Larger image slideshow.

b - All the post information.

c - A link to the author profile page.

d - Next post button.

e - A cheeky unobtrusive advert!

f - comments below.

Author Page

a - Authors username.

b - Authors personal blog, portfolio or website.

c - Avatar. This will also appear in the comments.

d - Short bio section

e - all of the authors latest posts.

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  1. jheryll answered: sounds great!
  2. nowpresentinganna answered: you should definitely pursue it! i would love to be involved! i’m a graphic communications student and i’ve studied typography
  3. carlrylatt answered: This sounds like a good idea and would love to be involved when you launch!
  4. 245am answered: Sounds cool, but the majority of people have really bad taste in type. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so to speak, ya know?
  5. freeasabee answered: i would like to see a Designspiration like site that was only catered to amazing typography. There can never be to many of these!
  6. eddyg23 said: Please definitely do this
  7. annaartjie answered: Go for it!
  8. allduhlittlethings answered: Do it!
  9. sirmitchie answered: Fortnightly/monthly design challenges that stick to certain rules ie specific colours/fonts
  10. electrikmuse answered: Add to your list: Ability to see posts by categories. Ex. Signage, Hand Lettering..
  11. samlynndavis said: The world needs this. You don’t have a choice anymore. Seriously though, you should really do it. It would be awesome, and I’d be willing to help.
  12. geargent answered: I like this a lot.
  13. cornootje reblogged this from typethatilike
  14. not-made-in-china answered: looking forward to it !
  15. sevenseals answered: It’d be really cool if, in the designer interviews, you have designers list a few of their favorite fonts.
  16. givenbirdy answered: Designer interviews and videos
  17. thisissolitaire answered: Also, some sort of modular header/logo for user submitted fun (a la Form Fifty Five)
  18. dpdesignresearch answered: designer interviews would be cool. Also liking the idea for a high end fonts directory.
  19. sumptuousfete answered: Sounds amazing!



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