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ebay’s new logo

ebay’s new logo


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    I’m glad I am not the only one who thinks the new Ebay logo is terrible!!!
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    I love their new look.
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    This is ebay's new 'modern' logo (above) which I'm still not sure if I like, but I am a fan of this great alternative...
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    Feels too squishy. Either open that tracking up or close it down!
  5. polygonal said: too pedestrian. nothing wrong with the logo per se, but so much more could’ve been done to make it exciting/memorable.
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    this was stupid. this is ugly. bad decision.
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    this has to be a joke. i mean REALLY!? …
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  10. lesleyann1964 said: Admittedly better than their previous logo, the weight of the typeface and their insistence on this child-ish colour scheme really fails to leave any lasting impression. I can’t help but feel it to be quite a failed opportunity.
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    As much as I think that eBay or now, ebay needed a face lifted logo, I think that this is somewhat disappointing. The...
  12. zilliezephyr said: It’s like they didn’t even try. The old logotype was fine. This one is far too simple, with not even the slightest element that draws you in that wasn’t the previous version — in fact, there’s less now than before.
  13. blakeaf said: better
  14. ingenerallaw said: Something seems off. The weight, maybe?
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  18. the-pool said: Nothing to say…
  19. my-dead-line-gemini said: WHY ARE THEY TOUCHING
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    ebay’s new logo
  21. davidnathan said: I have to say I’m not sure I like that!
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  23. jasongreen said: A much needed update to an already iconic logo. I think it makes sense in terms of keeping that familiarity and not straying too far from the original. Clean and consistent.
  24. designsetc said: Better than before for sure!
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    the kerning. :|
  26. zkotel said: ew
  27. uncreativamente said: Ew. Google?
  28. oberholtzer said: MEH
  29. wanderingken said: crisp simple - i like it
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    Well…. it’s definitely better. Maybe it’s the different colors and the hideous kerning. Maybe it’s the typeface. Maybe...
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    Oh dear God, no. This reminds me of the Tropicana rebranding fiasco a while back. I’m a huge advocate of minimalism but...
  33. 111goon said: SUCKS!!!
  34. benjaminbostock said: horrible.
  35. sarahnadeau said: This is awful. What’s that typeface, Tahoma? Kerning doesn’t look good either. But whatevs.
  36. survivaltest said: reminds me too much of google
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  38. eoswept-archive said: fun
  39. belltyler said: Better than the old, but the kerning is to small in my opinion.



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